We invite you to the Wellness, perfect for cleansing the body and spirit. Indulge and enjoy the beneficial effects of steam bath, Finnish sauna, whirlpool baths and relaxation pool.

Finnish sauna

  • relaxes muscles
  • helps to increase sweating of the body and the body gets rid of toxins
  • boosts the immune system weakened mainly by diseases
  • Air Temperature: 80 – 110 °C
  • Humidity: 10 – 30 %
  • Recommended length of stay in the sauna: 5-20 minutes and then cooling of
  • Recommended No. of repetitions: at least 2 times in a row

Steam bath

  • purifies skin and respiratory exposure by perfume (eucalyptus, pine and tropical fruit)
  • removes waste products and promotes skin elasticity
  • allows the body to get rid of 30% of the accumulated toxins
  • Air Temperature: 45 – 55 °C
  • Humidity: 80 – 100%
  • Recommended length of stay in the steam bath: 15 minutes and then cooling, relaxation
  • Recommended No. of repetitions: 2-3 times in a row


  • relaxes and releases the tension in muscles and joints
  • relieves pain in joints, regulates digestion and accelerates metabolism
  • removes waste products, contributes to the correct function of the lymphatic system, kidney and intestine
  • Air Temperature: 45- 48 °C
  • Recommended length of stay in the sauna: 20-30 minutes

Vital Bar

  • offers a wide selection of drinks, teas and snacks
  • massages (see Massages section)

Relaxation pool

  • provides a unique whole body hydro massage, mental and physical therapy and maximum relaxation
  • increases body temperature, calms and stabilizes individual processes of the human body
  • Pool size: 3m*6m
  • Water Temperature: 28°C

Chill out zone

  • ideal for relaxation, chat with friends and family on comfortable couches

Cooling pool

  • helps to harden the body and good blood circulation by cold water
  • increases elasticity and firmness of skin
  • required between the sauna entrances
  • Water Temperature: 12-15°C