Conference room

The conference room is located in a historical building from the 15th century, providing maximum privacy for
commercial and business meetings, presentations, seminars, workshops and training.
It is ideal for meetings requiring smooth and discreet environment.

The room is ideal for

  • commercial and business meetings, presentations, seminars, workshops and training
    press conferences, castings and job interviews

All rooms are equipped with standard technical equipment and WiFi internet.

Max. capacity is 23 people

Lobby bar

Lobby bar is a popular place during the day for breakfast and business meetings. At night, however, opens up space for events up to 120 people.

Due to the variability space is the best choice for corporate parties, banquets and receptions.
Popular standby tables, however, mainly used in the cocktail party.

Ideal for

  • business breakfast, business meetings, corporate parties, banquets, receptions, cocktail party

Max. capacity is 120 people.

Restaurant Allegro

ALLEGRO restaurant is perfect for business lunch/dinner and presentations or appropriately combined with major events in the lobby bar while offering space for buffet tables separate from the guests and standby tables in the lobby bar part.

A wide range of a la carte menu, experienced staff and unique atmosphere are the guarantees of any successful business meeting or an important event.

Ideal for

  • lunch or dinner with business partners, presentations and workshops

Max. capacity is 20 people.