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Reflexology massage

Classical massage particularly suitable for relaxation and wellbeing. Will be appreciated by everybody who lives a hectic life.

Beneficial effects:

  • counteracts stress, depression and fatigue throughout the body
  • suitable for lower back pain
  • uses only the highest quality oils and relaxation music


Outstanding exotic pearl between massages, that uses special Hawaiian techniques. Its rhythms and energetic potential has a high therapeutic and relaxing effect. In conjunction with the highlight – head massage, it creates a perfect harmony.

Beneficial effects:

  • congest the massaged area, leading to an improvement in metabolism and subsequent regeneration
  • removes headaches
  • improves memory
  • harmonizes organs throughout the body


Relaxing and very effective detoxifying body massage, after which you’ll have skin smooth as velvet and muscles deprived of many toxic substances. The advantage of this massage is a conjunction of touch massage therapy, targeted strong blood circulation and excellent effects of honey.

Beneficial effects:

  • nourishes skin deeply
  • removes accumulated toxins
  • helps with insomnia, fatigue disorders and headaches
  • excellent supportive therapy in gynecological and menstrual problems
  • brings relief and improvement of chronic rhinitis

Medical massage (Myofascial, Gentle Chiropractic Massage, Dorn Method and Breuss Massage)

Massage has a positive effect on the body and nervous system while adding positive energy, acting anti-stress and helping the lymphatic system. Medical massage is a unique use of technology that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

Beneficial effects:

  • helps to improve the overall metabolism, relieves muscles and tendon apparatus
  • treats back pain, crosses, cervical spine, head, and improves the flexibility of skeletal muscle
  • helps to regenerate the body, perfect for office people, or the ones who work at the computer or physically manual workers

Pregnancy body massage (after 3rd month)

designed for future moms to rest and relax the body

Sports massage

  • helps the athlete to the maximum performance and also speeds up recovery after exercise
  • impacts athlete’s mental well-being and its performance

Thai massage

Thai massage is a unique type of massage body and muscles, which is characterized by intense stretching the body and acupressure.

Beneficial effects:

  • reduces muscle and joint stiffness and relieves from related pain
  • promotes the flexibility of joints and tendons
  • unblocks the energy flow in the body
  • stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph
  • enhances the function of the immune system